What is tequila, you ask? Here’s the skinny.

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100% Blue Agave Tequila

– 100% of sugars come from the blue agave plant
– A more intense agave flavor
– May be bottled only in designated regions of Mexico

Mixto Tequila
– At least 51% of sugars must come from blue agave, the rest from other sources
– A softer, more subtle agave flavor
– May be shipped in bulk and bottled in other countries

The four types of Tequila (based on the aging technique)

Blanco, also known as Silver, is a clear tequila that is not aged. It’s fresh, fruity flavor is the most direct expression of agave and makes Blanco a great choice for mixed drinks. Blancos are the base for all other tequilas, so to get a good comparison between the “House Styles” of various distillers, you should compare their Blancos.

Joven or Gold tequila is usually an unaged tequila to which caramels have been added to create a rich, tawny color. As with Blancos, Jovens are best suited to mixed drinks. They tend to taste slightly sweeter than Blancos, and may have caramel aromas.

Reposados or “Rested” tequilas are aged in wood tanks or barrels for at least two months. They are often pale straw in color and are mellower than the Blancos or Jovens. They provide smooth mixability for more sophisticated cocktails or can be enjoyed straight.

Anejo Tequila must be aged in oak barrels for twelve months or more. It is golden to amber in color and has a soft, smooth, complex flavor brought on by its marriage with aromatic wood. This is the tequila to sip slowly and appreciatively, just as you would a fine cognac. It is even delightful as an after-dinner drink.

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